Health Industry

The Healthcare industry has experienced a cutting-edge technological advancement after COVID-19 pandemic. To deal with progress in health data, machine learning advancements are there. It helps to make health predictions and identify symptomatic individuals. AI are improving efficiency of decision making and information processing. Along with this, AI not just supports physical health but also tracks mental health in correlation with pandemics. It is potent to transform the understanding of mental health of larger populations. Blockchain helps healthcare researchers to uncover genetic code through secure transfer of patient medical records, manage drug supply chains, and facilitate safe transfer of medical records. Medical students in advanced settings are utilizing the capabilities of visualization through AR & VR technology.
The visual impact of various diseases on the human body in a virtual representation offers great education insight to the common man. Moreover, the technological devices created using AR & VR technology enable doctors and medical staff to identify the problem more precisely, discussing it in a virtual environment and devising effective treatment plans.