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Why is Flutter the best fit for start-ups?

Posted January 2, 2023 Gyan Prakash
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Flutter App Development for start-ups.


Flutter is a “software development kit”. It is basically used for development of cross platform applications. And, the crossing points made with flutter are built from a single codebase that is compiled in a straight line to native arm code. Flutter moves the rendering, widgets, animation and gestures into the framework, and provides comprehensive control over every pixel on the screen. Also, this facilitates flexibility to form custom designs, high developer velocity and integrates with popular development tools. Flutter is great for cooperating with new and experienced one.

Flutter |

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open source framework by Google to develop mobile applications. It helps in building high performance and fidelity apps for iOS and android. This platform provides powerful animation and graphics in order to build smooth response touch while user interfaces. Flutter focuses on a single codebase that is used in iOS and android applications which are using popular languages like java script or canbe C++ or java. It provides a very valuable benefit that is we can compose code once and can execute the similar data code at different platforms.

Features of Flutter include:

Dart programming language:

Dart programming language is used for expansion of mobile applications. It is used to built-in high quality applications and it is comparatively easy to learn.

Open source:

Flutter is an open source framework by Google for building beautiful, natively compiled, multi-platform applications from a single codebase.

Hot reload:

The functionality of hot reload means, we can easily and quickly make changes in our apps without restarting it.

Native performance:

Applications of flutter transformed to native code after compiling it. It grants the best conceivable performance on both iOS and android.

Expressive and flexible:

It’s elements are built-in using the same principles on which Google material has designed. This provides expressive, flexible and beautiful apps.

How does Flutter work?

Flutter refers to a mobile applications development framework that enables users to build high quality apps on android as well as IOS. It is very much similar to an operating system also termed as the primary way to develop cross-platform apps.

Flutters framework makes it informal to construct user interfaces that are responsive, beautiful and fast. Widget used in framework refers to units with which flutters are made up of.  In addition to it, creation of both the visual and functional components of an application is done with the help of basic building blocks of a flutter app.

Advantages of Flutter

Native app performance:

Flutter use dart programming language in mandate to compile into native code. So, flutter does not require any JavaScript bridge. And, Usage of dart programming language results in responsive and fast apps.

Reduced code development time:

Under flutter building a usual mid-size application take few seconds to get ships onto the test device. And, respective changes updated instantly.

Open source and free:

Flutter is free to use without any charges and licence; this will be an attractive option for start-up developers for creating highly efficient and qualitative apps without spending much money.

Easy debugging:

Flutter development requires dart programming language which has tremendous tools for debugging. It is very informal to find bugs or errors to fix them in flutter apps.

Automated testing:

Dart programming supports automated testing and also flutter framework has its own set of tools for testing.

Why is Flutter best for start-ups?

Flutter is a preeminent choice for start-ups while building apps. Building native apps can be an expensive deal for clients, developers, and start-ups. Hence, Flutter provides an open source development kit for start-ups which produce common applications that runs on different platforms. It offers low development and low maintenance costs because a common code base operates on several platforms. Thus, in flutter code are reusable in various programming languages for each platform. Moreover, Flutter enables powerful design that helps start-ups to attract investors. Mainly, the programming language used by Flutter, dart programming language is responsible for higher performance in start-up apps.


Flutter is an efficient software development kit. It’s framework does an astonishing job by providing an admirable framework for developing mobile applications in an independent way on a true platform. It is also used in building high fidelity and high performance apps for iOS and android. Start-ups and developers can easily develop apps with this open source development kit provided by Google. In conclusion, Flutter is a well-organized, efficient, and fast to transform the entire workflow for start-ups.

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