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How does DeFi Lending and Borrowing work?

Poested September 22, 2022 Gyan Prakash

Let’s understand what makes DeFi a popular hit. Introduction Decentralized finance application is a new form of open financial application, as smart contracts maneuver on publicly accessible permissionless blockchain. It is a collection of blockchain-based financial services that uses automated workflow to make financial decisions. We will be talking about the nomenclature of motive and […]

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Blockchain for Supply chain solutions

Poested September 2, 2022 Gyan Prakash

How Blockchain can transform the supply chain world? Introduction Blockchain is an extremely useful asset in the supply chain as it provides a blanket of transparency and trust. It has the potential to provide new opportunities within the supply chain, as the age of the digital supply chain increases. Blockchain for supply chain can potentially […]

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