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AR Scale-Measurement App by iotric

Posted October 31, 2021 admin

What is the AR Scale measurement app all about?

The AR developers from iotric are here with this unique and amazing AR Scale measurement application to help you get the exact dimensions, height, length, surface area of the floors, walls, and everything you can imagine. AR Scale, as the name suggests, is an Augmented Reality (AR) based mobile application to help the users measure the length, breadth, and height of any space and surface area of any cube/cuboid object. Gone are the days when you needed to carry a physical measuring tape everywhere or even call a person from outside to measure the dimensions of your room for refurbishing the space, renovating it, or any such task. Now the unique AR Scale measurement app is here at your rescue. 

Please read about it in detail in this article.

How is the AR Scale android measurement app unique from other measuring apps present in the play store?

Mark Pointers

The unique AR Scale measurement app developed by iotric shows a pointer at the start points and corners on its own. So you do not have to click whenever there is a sharp corner or a turn as it recognizes the dead end. 

3D Visualisation 

Once you have measured the length of the entire area using the AR Scale measurement app, then you can click on the enclosed figure and have a look at its 3D view as well. Again, it helps to know the actual shape of any floor or wall area and if the walls are straight or inclined to some angle. 

Change Colors

The AR Scale android measurement app allows the color of lines and pointers as per the user’s conveyance. 

Calculate Surface Area 

You can click on a surface by placing your pointer at one of its corners and trace its shape, and this unique app will tell you the surface area of that cube.

Change Measurement Units

Users can select their desired measurement unit from (Inches, millimeters, centimeters, and meters) inside the settings.

Save Measurements

AR Scale android measurement app provides the ability to save measurements by providing a screenshot button on the screen. Users can see these screenshots inside their gallery.

Modules present in AR Scale measurement app

This measuring AR app comes with five modules to make the measuring process more precise and straightforward –

Create pair of points and join individual lines

This module helps create a pair of points and further join them to form a line representing a closed figure. For example, you need to see the height of your wall clock from the floor. Then, you can take the bottom-most pointer and a pointer just below the clock and join them to form a line and get its length.


One can use this module to measure the distance between two points on the floor or the wall. In addition, it helps in knowing the height of the table or any painting to be put on the wall, etc. For example, you want to replace your center table and know about the width of the new center table to be placed in your living room, etc.

Calculate heights

You can create multiple columns and change the value by shifting to another column, etc., using this module. It helps in measuring the height of the bed, wall, etc.


Multiple height measurements are possible using AR Scale measurement app. Users can place one or multiple columns on the surface and use the on-screen slider to adjust the height to align it to the actual objects.

Floor plan creation

This module functions similar to the second module of multiple lines, but the difference between them is it will never recognize walls, and you can only use it on the floor area. On clicking upon this module, you get 3d models of the floor.


The 3D model of the floor tells us about the exact shape of our floor. Some inclinations or cuts are not visible to us but look weird while placing any furniture. Use the AR Scale android measurement app to visualize such curvatures using Augmented reality and make choices accordingly. If you have to buy any furniture, machinery, or any other thing and you’re unsure if the object will fit in that place, you can use the AR Scale measurement app to decide the exact height of that as per the dimensions of your room.

Cube measurements

Suppose you have a box and need to calculate its surface area or volume, then this module proves helpful. It helps you to estimate how many boxes can be kept in a warehouse or loaded in a truck as well.


Tap on three corners of the cube, and then it will tell the surface area of that cube by tapping just on the corners. It is the quickest and easiest way to calculate the surface area of any cube that is too precise and quick for making estimates. Users can increase/decrease the height of the virtual cube to align it to the original cube object using an on-screen slider. Suppose you need to load boxes into so many trucks or in a warehouse, then you can use AR Scale measurement app to measure the surface area of one box and the entire truck or room and then decide how many trucks will be required to load the stuff and make quick and appropriate decisions.

How can you download the AR Scale android measurement application?

The AR Scale measurement app will be available in the Android Play Store soon. It will probably be available to download from the google play store from the last week of August. It will be available on the android play stores free of cost. This best and free android measuring app will be compatible with Android version 7.0 and above, i.e., Nougat and above.

*The supported devices will require to be ArCore supported. 


We all want to have an app to help us measure the surfaces and eliminate those traditional measuring tapes. The AR Scale measurement app is a blessing to all such people. Download it into your android devices as soon as it gets available in the play store. 

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