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Top Blockchain Development Companies of 2023

Posted March 21, 2023 Gyan Prakash
Blockchain Development company

Blockchain development companies are organizations that specialize in building and implementing blockchain-based solutions. As the demand for blockchain solutions continues to grow, these companies are playing an increasingly important role in shaping the future of digital transformation. In this article, we will explore the *top blockchain development companies that are leading the industry.

Blockchain Development Company

10. Iotric

Iotric is a leading blockchain development company specializing in providing business-centered digital solutions driven by innovation and technology. They offer a range of services including custom blockchain development, smart contract development, NFT development, web3 development, mobile app development, UI/UX design, AR/VR development, and DevOps services. Iotric follows Agile development methodology that highly focuses on transparency for the duration of development.

9. Lapits

Lapits (formerly known as Novvr) is a blockchain technology company that specializes in providing smart contract security and development audit services. It offers a range of services including smart contract, NFT marketplace, crypto exchange, decentralized finance, and DApp services.

8. Fueled

Fueled is a technology-focused blockchain development company that specializes in providing end-to-end blockchain solutions for businesses and enterprises. They boast a team of skilled blockchain developers and experts who work together to develop and implement customized blockchain applications, smart contracts, and decentralized platforms.

7. Capgemini India Pvt Ltd

Capgemini India Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary of the global technology consulting and digital transformation company, Capgemini Group. As a blockchain development company, Capgemini India Pvt Ltd focuses on harnessing the power of blockchain technology to create innovative solutions for businesses across different sectors.

6. Infosys

Infosys is a global technology services and consulting firm that is actively involved in the development of blockchain technology solutions. With over four decades of experience in managing the working and systems of global enterprises in more than 50 countries, Infosys provides innovative and comprehensive blockchain solutions for various industries.

5. Zensar Technologies Inc.

Zensar Technologies is a leading global Information Technology (IT) company that provides services and solutions specializing in software development, digital transformation, and IT infrastructure services. They offer services including artificial intelligence, digital supply chain, enterprise applications, cloud infrastructure, data engineering and analytics, application services, and foundation services.

4. Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Tata Consultancy Services Limited is a multinational blockchain development company that provides IT infrastructure, application development, business process outsourcing, and digital transformation solutions to clients across various industries worldwide. TCS has a strong focus on innovation and has been at the forefront of developing new technologies, products, and business models.

3. Hashcash Consultants

Hashcash Consultants is a global software development company that specializes in providing blockchain-based solutions and services to various industries. They offer a wide range of services including HC Remit, HC Corporate Payment, crypto exchange, crypto payment, AI development, IoT development, and more.

2. L&T information technology

L&T Infotech, also known as Larsen & Toubro Infotech founded in 2012. It is a global technology consulting and digital solutions company that provides various IT services and solutions to clients worldwide. It is a subsidiary of the Larsen & Toubro Group, a leading multinational conglomerate based in Mumbai, India. One of the key areas that L&T Infotech focuses on is blockchain technology. L&T offers a wide range of services including product lifecycle management, engineering design research and development.

1. Hyperlink Info system

Hyperlink Info system is development company that offers a wide range of IT services, including blockchain development,  E-commerce development, IoT & Embedded, DevOps, AI & ML, game development and many more. Established in 2011 and based in India, the company has a strong global presence with offices in the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, and France. 


Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses operate by providing secure, transparent, and efficient systems for storing and transferring data. From finance and healthcare to logistics and supply chain management, blockchain technology has numerous applications that can improve processes and reduce costs. As more companies and industries begin to explore the potential of blockchain, it is likely that we will see continued growth and development in this field, with new use cases and innovations emerging over time. By partnering with a reputable blockchain development company and leveraging their expertise, businesses can ensure that they are well-positioned.

*The list of blockchain development companies above is based on several key factors, including years of experience in the market, the quality of products delivered, flexibility, cost of development, expertise, technology stacks, and client reviews throughout India. We have curated the list of companies above using our own research and Google search results. There may be other blockchain development companies that also deserve to be on the list of top blockchain development companies in India.

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